The Old West Gun Room is open, but with the following temporary restrictions:

  • Only a few customers will be allowed in the store at a time. If the maximum amount of customers are already within the store, you may have to wait outside.
  • We will serve by appointments only; you can make an appointment by scheduling below.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork in order before coming in; please refer to How to Purchase a Firearm.
  • If you are not sure which appointment to book, there is a detailed service guide below the Appointments.

Service Guide

Firearm Safety Certificate Test

A 30 question written test, taken in store, which you need to pass in order to get your Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC). The certificate is valid for 5 years and is needed to purchase a firearm. Please study for the test online before coming into take it; you can find more information about the FSC test at How to Purchase a Firearm and the Document List.

Firearm Pickup

Book this service for after your 10 day waiting period, but before 30 days. Your receipt will have the pickup window dates.

Firearm Purchase

Schedule a time to come to the store and purchase a firearm. Make sure you have all the needed paperwork with you before coming in. This includes already having your FSC. You can find a list of all the paperwork you need to bring at How to Purchase a Firearm and the Document List.

If you want to schedule a time to take the FSC test and purchase a firearm, please book the FSC Test & Firearm Purchase service.

Ammunition Purchase

Book this service to come into the store and purchase ammunition.

There will be a fee of either $1 or $19 in addition to the price of the ammunition. 

  • $1 - Instant background check if you have a firearm registered to your current address.
  • $19 - Several days waiting while background check is in progress if you do not have a firearm registered to your current address. 

FSC Test & Firearm Purchase

This is a combined service. With this booking, you can schedule a time to both take the FSC test and purchase a firearm. 

Please make sure you have all the proper paperwork with you and that you studied for the FSC test.

FSC Test & PPT

If you are the recipient of a Private Party Transfer (PPT), you will still need to have your FSC. This combined service is to take the FSC test and do a PPT signup for your firearm transfer.


This service is for a PPT signup. For this service you must already have your FSC or equivalent. 

If you do not have an FSC or equivalent, please book the combined service FSC Test & PPT.

Gun Appraisal

If you have a firearm that you would like appraised, book this service.