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How to Buy a Gun in California
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What it Takes to Purchase a Gun in California:

This applies to any type of gun made after 1898 that fires a fixed cartridge. This also applies to certain types of modern muzzle loaders.

1. Ten day waiting period.

2. $25 fee for background check.

3. Clean criminal and mental health record.

4. Valid California Driver’s License or California Identification Card.

5. Handgun safety certificate.
This means that you will need to take and pass a 30-question test, in the store, to receive this certificate. There is a $25 fee and it is good for five years. A hunting license is not acceptable. The exemptions are:

a. Active or retired peace officer.
b. Active or retired military (20 years and out).
c. Peculiar and limited authority peace officer.
d. CCW holders.
e. Certified firearm instructors.
f. FFL holders.

6. You need to be a California resident, and will need to prove your residency by providing ONE of the following items:
a. Rental or lease agreement.
b. Utility bill within the last three months.
c. Property deed.
d. Government license with expiration date.
e. Signed, dated and notarized rental agreement or contract.

Unacceptable proofs of residency are:
a. Cellular phone bill.
b. Passport.
c. Pay stub.

7. When you purchase or pick up your firearm, you will need to perform a safety demonstration with the gun you are purchasing, in the store.
This requires that you follow all firearm safety rules, checking to see that the firearm is unloaded, remove a trigger lock from the gun, load one dummy round into the gun and chamber the round, and unload and relock the firearm.

8. Before leaving the store, you must have a California approved lock box, safe, or trigger lock for your firearm.

9. You will need to have your thumbprint taken (this is done in the store).

For more information: visit the State of California’s official website (click here to link)

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